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sun News relating to the C++ standard, modern use of C++, and the development of future standards. A site for up to date information for the C++ development community. See this about link.
accu ACCU has a scope wider than its previous full name - the Association of C and C++ users - would suggest. A good way to appreciate the range of current members interests is to explore this site. Here we simply mention that the accumulated book reviews are a useful resource.
boost The home of next generation C++ libraries.
ISO logoIEC logo The C++ Standards Committee materials


C++ FAQ (Lite)
c+ C++ Webzine. (No recent updates are visible on this page; but links from there go to various live topics - some other than than C++.)


Newsgroups /
Mailing lists

Bjarne Stroustrup's C++ links

A must see, of course. Includes, e.g., his C++11 FAQ page.

Sutter's Mill

Herb Sutter's blog. News on progress towards, and then beyond, the C++11 standard. (Aside: during its evolution, the standard was denoted as C++0x.) The site contains a page of suggestions for C++11 style (here).

Anthony Williams' Blog Archive for C++

Useful info., especially on thread libraries.

CPP Reference

Wiki reference material for C++ and C language and libraries (C++98, C++03, and C++11; and C89, C99, and C11). There is also a list of links to open source C++ libraries for a number of domains.

Reference material for C++ and C, plus some background and tutorial material, and members' fora. The reference material is less comprehensive than that in CPP Reference (above). E.g. currently has no obvious material on the C++11 Standard Libraries.

C++11 ISO Standard

The official ISO standard for C++11 - for sale from ANSI


A draft of the above standard. Has minor editorial variations from the published standard. The final draft (FDIS), n3290, is no longer publicly available.

Draft Sources for post-C++11 standard

Future C++ Standard - Draft Sources, in LaTeX format. Some comments on this material, and possible uses of it, are made here.

C++11 feature availability for popular compilers

C++11 feature availability. From Apache.

C++11 feature availability (gcc and MSVC)

Comparison of C++11 features available in gcc and MSVC. From Scott Meyers.

An interactive C++ interpreter, Cling.

See: Home page. A user's comments. Developer's blog.


Blog on what were cutting-edge C++ techniques, and related topics.
Only archive links now available. See e.g. the Wayback Machine for some examples of the contents.
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