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Services offered on this site are provided by Alec Ross.


Alec has worked in IT for most of his life.  He worked in the telecommunications industry for a number of years, programming mainframe, mini, and microcomputers in several languages.  He designed and wrote the first in-house C++ training course around 1992 for British Telecommunications Plc.
He has developed a range of applications, using several programming languages in this work. He has taught and used C++ and object-oriented technologies for more than two decades. (Tracking the developments of C++ and best practices in its use over this time.)   Alec has experience of delivering C++ courses at all levels to thousands of delegates over the years.   (As well as courses in other IT-related subjects such as C, OOA/D, UML etc.)

In addition to this face-to-face experience, he has worked on e-training projects.  He has a Physics degree from the University of Sussex, a Masters in Electro-optics from Queen's University, Belfast, and an MBA from Kingston Business School.

He is now involved in working in projects relating to the teaching of computing topics to children.

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