C/C++ Refresher Course

C/C++ Arrays, Pointers, and Structures - a one-day refresher

This course reviews the concepts and syntax of arrays, pointers, and structures, and related features, in C and C++.

Although these topics are generally taught in C and C++ courses, programmers may benefit from this kind of refresher when they need to use these facilities.   Even with months - or even years - of programming, we have found that they may have had little experience of at least some of these features in their daily work.


Delegates should already be C or C++ programmers.


1 day

Learning Objectives

The exact learning objectives will depend on whether a delegate wishes to refresh their knowledge of pointers, arrays, and structures for use in C, C++ or both. They will also depend on other specific requirements of the delegates. As a result, the learning objectives will chosen dynamically from the scope of the potentail content below.

On completion of this course delegates will be fluent in the use of arrays, pointers, and structures in C and (if they are already C++ programmers), in C++.

Who Should Attend

Programmers who are capable in the basics of C and/or C++, but who need to refresh their knowledge of the use of pointers, arrays, and possibly structures.

Course Content

  • the concepts and syntax of pointers
  • const and volatile in pointer usage
  • the concepts and syntax of arrays
  • arrays and pointers
  • the concepts and syntax of structs in C and C++
  • member access operators
  • complex declarations
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